Passport Holder with RFID Shield

Hi, this is Alyce from Proforma Repromatic.

Now that the weather is nicer and travel is certainly opening up, I want to see give you an idea of a promotional product or giveaway item that you might not have thought about.

This is a passport holder with built in RFID shield protection. It protects against the cloning and skimming of your personal and financial data.

On one side, you would put your passport. On the other side, you could put a credit card.

As of September 2022, there are 164 countries with e-passports.

The Passport Holder with RFID Shield is certainly a useful item, and the #1 reason why people keep and use your promotional products is for their usefulness.

Contact us about customizing this promotional product with your company branding, so you can maximize your brand awareness with your prospects and clients.

Happy Travels Everyone!

Proforma Repromatic
Proforma Repromatic

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